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A New Era of Timepieces: Wooden Wristwatches

Welcome to the new dawn of fashion accessories. We are The Sustainable Watch Company, and we're excited to introduce you to the revolution of wooden watches. Our timepieces embody traditional craftsmanship, sustainable materials, and modern style.

Starting with carefully selected sustainable wood from furniture scraps known for its beauty, durability, and character, our craftsmen carve, shape, and polish each piece by hand. The result? A one-of-a-kind timepiece, as individual as the tree it came from.

At The Sustainable Watch Company, we craft watches and stories. Like The Redwood with its bold tones or The White Cedar exuding understated elegance, these embody our commitment to quality and sustainability. A powerful statement of your dedication to our planet's future, our watches are conversation starters.

May 2023 we're thrilled to unveil three new exquisite models: The Sycamore, The Sandalwood, and The Rosewood. These watches epitomize elegance, quality, and sustainable craftsmanship.

The Sandalwood Watch, is meticulously curated from repurposed natural wood furniture, featuring a brushed stainless steel bezel and back, robust steel links in the band, and practical features like a stopwatch and timer. With its Japanese Quartz movement and Zebrawood detailing. The Sandalwood Watch adds a touch of sustainable sophistication and splash-proof resilience, to your everyday style.

Introducing The Rosewood Watch—a perfect blend of sustainable fashion and intricate design. This handcrafted, battery-free timepiece showcases alluring exposed gold mechanics encased in rich Olive wood, making a bold statement about environmental responsibility without compromising on elegance and luxury.

Embrace the future of sustainable luxury with The Sycamore Watch—a stunning fusion of modern aesthetics, crafted by nature. This handmade watch is powered by a high-quality mechanical movement its Olive wood body makes a powerful statement about environmental ethics in your style.

Sustainability in fashion is not just a buzzword but an imperative. The industry is evolving, and brands are recognising the importance of environmentally friendly practices. Style and sustainability need to now run hand in hand and we make that happen. From the sustainably sourced wood to the eco-friendly packaging, every aspect of our watches echoes our commitment to the planet.

Choosing a wooden watch means embracing a timeless style with a reflection of your commitment to sustainability. Beyond being lightweight, durable, and hypoallergenic, these watches make a statement; standing for the planet, sustainable practices, and leaving a positive legacy.

Why not buy Mother Nature some time?

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