Buyer's Guide for Vegan Watches & Wood Watch Straps - The Sustainable Watch Company

Buyer's Guide for Vegan Watches & Wood Watch Straps

Buyer's Guide for Vegan Watches & Wood Watch Straps

What Are Vegan Watches?

Vegan is a word derived from Veganism which is the practice of not using products derived from animals for any purpose, be it dietary, fashion, or any other. It promotes avoiding cruelty and exploitation of all animals. 

Simply put, watches that are manufactured without using any material derived from animals are called vegan watches. Animal products that are used in making watches can be leather straps made from animal skin, Ivory derived from elephant tusks, pearls extracted from clams, etc.

A wooden strap watch is the best vegan alternative to a non-vegan leather strap watch. Not only is it acquitted of animal cruelty, but also it contributes to saving our planet. There are many reasons to opt for a vegan wristwatch with a wooden strap, a few of which are listed below.

Why Should You Buy Our Vegan Watch With A Wooden Strap?

  • Promotes a sustainable lifestyle  
  • It is made from high-quality wood like maple, sandalwood, etc.
  • The wood being used is recycled from furniture
  • It promotes reforestation 
  • It has a positive environmental impact
  • We contribute to saving our planet
  • Removes carbon from the environment
  • Brings you closer to nature!
  • Light in weight
  • Intricate handmade designs looks stunning on the wrist.

Men’s Vegan Watch

Men’s Vegan Watch - The Sustainable Watch Company

From the very beginning, men's watches have been a popular accessory within the wristwatch industry. And with the advent of technology and the passage of time, its designs have undergone an enormous transformation. 

Initially worn by military men, wristwatches were the upgraded version of pocket watches. It was a more practical substitution with a strap that helped synchronise war maneuvers. Later, it garnered popularity among the public as keeping time is a vital aspect of everyday life. 

However, in the present day, its purpose is confined to a convenient tool for keeping abreast with time. Wristwatches have transcended the limits of their original purpose. Today, it's considered a symbol of affluence, a style statement that reflects a person’s artistic views apart from being a tool that reminds of a crucial meeting and other important commitments.

And for men, whose sense of style synchronously aligns with the environmental consciousness, we have our men’s vegan wood watch collection. From serene ebony to highly durable sandalwood, a variety of natural wood options are available in this men’s handmade vegan natural wood watch assortment. 

This collection includes square-shaped dial designs that sit perfectly on the wrist and classic circular-shaped dials that seamlessly blend with men’s formal attire. The reinforced hardlex glass dial lens and mechanical, Seiko, and Japanese quartz movement,  famous for their precision. These specifics of our natural wood watch collection truly help it stand out.

Women’s Vegan Watch

Women’s Vegan Watch - The Sustainable Watch Company

In the 1920’s the watch-making industry was more focused on men than women. Traditionally, wristwatches for women were merely downsized designs of the men's watches with a few embellishments to give them a feminine touch. 

Fortunately, in recent decades, women’s watches have consolidated their ground in terms of demand for discrete feminine designs. Today, a whole section of stores can be found dedicated to women’s wristwatch collections.

And these assortments do not include just the retrenched replicas of timepieces being adorned by the wrists of men but an object that illustrates the beauty and poetic allure women possess.

We have handcrafted our women’s handmade vegan watch collection for all the ladies who like to flaunt their sophistication whilst simultaneously giving back to nature. This distinct vegan collection is accented with the watches like The Magnolia, which is the epitome of an elegantly designed classic timepiece especially made for women. Boasting the rich colour of red sandalwood and the intricate touches of gold linke in the wooden strap.

Wood Watch Strap

Wood Watch Strap For Apple Watch - The Sustainable Watch Company

The most imperative part of any watch is its strap. Needless to say, the strap has the exceptional ability to change the whole look of a watch. The most commonly used watch strap materials are genuine leather, suede, metal, and fabric. In the market today, a variety of straps are available with riveted watch straps being the most popular among others. 

Complementing your environmentally friendly lifestyle we have brought to you a textured, natural wood Apple watch strap that is a distinguished addition to anyone's smartwatch collection. Available in colours including natural browns, black Ebony, and light Maple wood, these strap links are intertwined with stainless steel links for durability. In addition to that, at each end of the strap, there are matte black connectors with rubber tabs. These rubber tabs offer better grip and a comfortable wearing experience. Give your Apple watch a brand new vegan look with our smooth-finish natural wood watch strap collection.

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