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How Our Sustainable Watches Support the Environment

Tick-tock, time is running out for our planet! In the face of environmental challenges, the need for sustainable solutions has never been more pressing. But what if we told you that your wristwatch could do more than just tell the time?

The Sustainable Watch Company invites you to explore the remarkable ways in which our sustainable watches are reshaping the watchmaking industry while supporting the environment.

Horological Excellence: Handcrafted with Love

Our watches are meticulously handmade by skilled Horologists who take pride in their craft. By embracing traditional techniques, we ensure that each timepiece is imbued with a touch of uniqueness and artistry.

Our commitment to handmade wooden watches reduces the carbon footprint associated with large-scale manufacturing processes.

handmade wooden watches

Reimagining Wood: Recycled and Upcycled 

Mother Nature plays a significant role in our sustainable watch collection. We utilise recycled wood to create stunning timepieces that reflect the beauty of our environment and upcycle offcuts.

By repurposing discarded wood, we reduce deforestation and breathe new life into materials that would otherwise go to waste. Each grain and texture tells a story and creates a recycled vegan watch that symbolizes sustainability and a connection to nature.

Compassion for All: Vegan and Plastic-Free Timekeeping

Our watches are proudly vegan and free from animal-derived components. We prioritize using alternatives that are both environmentally friendly and cruelty-free.

In addition, we are committed to eliminating plastic from our packaging and reducing single-use plastics throughout our supply chain. With our watches, you can adorn your wrist with style and align your values with your fashion choices. We believe that sustainability extends beyond materials; it encompasses the values we embrace.

Vegan and Plastic-Free Watch

Planting Seeds of Change: 10 Trees Planted & 250kg Carbon Offset

For every watch purchased, we make a significant environmental impact. We are proud partners of reforestation initiatives, and with every sale we commit to planting 10 trees. Trees play a vital role in absorbing carbon dioxide and mitigating climate change.

Furthermore, we strive to be carbon negative by offsetting 250kg of carbon emissions for each watch sold. By choosing our sustainable watches & straps, you actively contribute to reforestation efforts and combat climate change.

Packaging with Purpose: Eco-Friendly Encasements

We believe that sustainability should extend to every aspect of our product, including packaging. Our watches are presented in eco-friendly packaging made from recycled materials.

We prioritize minimalist and recyclable designs to reduce waste and promote a circular economy. With our packaging, we invite you to experience the joy of unboxing whilst knowing that you're making a positive environmental choice.

Eco-Friendly Watches

Shipping Responsibly: Carbon Neutral Delivery

We recognize that shipping contributes to carbon emissions. We have partnered with shipping providers that prioritize carbon neutrality to address this. This means that every time you receive one of our sustainable watches, you can rest assured that the transportation process has been carefully offset, minimizing its impact on the environment.

Empowering Charities: 1% Donation to Charity

And lastly, we strongly advocate giving back to society and supporting charitable causes. We donate 1% of each purchase to an environmental and social initiative as part of our commitment. You are able to choose where to donate your 1% after you checkout.

You become an integral part of this philanthropic journey by choosing our watches and supporting organisations that strive to make a positive difference in the world.

How Can You Contribute As Responsible Consumers?

  • Share your experience and knowledge with your friends and family about sustainable watches.
  • If you no longer use a watch, consider recycling or upcycling it. Many brands have programs in place to responsibly dispose of or repurpose old watches.
  • Look for brands that donate some of their proceeds to environmental or social causes. By purchasing our wooden watches, you directly contribute to the efforts of these organizations and help create a positive impact.
  • Choose brands that prioritise eco-friendly packaging. Dispose of packaging responsibly by recycling or reusing it whenever possible.
  • Stay informed about sustainable practices in the watchmaking industry. Learn about their manufacturing processes, materials used, and their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint.

Happy Sustainable Buying!

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