Styling your sustainable watch

How to style Sustainable Watches

Sustainable watches are a great way to make a statement whilst caring for the environment. But of course, wood is a fairly new material to work with in the fashion space!

Despite the striking aesthetic of the natural wood tones, this brings with it a requirement to think outside the box when styling your new luxury timepiece. Here are 4 tips on how to style sustainable watches effectively:

1. Keep it Simple

When it comes to styling our sustainable watches, less is more. The natural wood grain patterns and colour hues of our natural watches style themselves; Opt for a minimalist look with simple colours that can easily complement the woods. Clothing with simple 1 block colours allow the wood grain patterns of the watch body and watch strap to pop.

2. Mix and Match

Don't be afraid to mix and match your sustainable watch with different accessories. Whether you pair it with rings, or other jewellery pieces, the key is to create a balanced look that highlights your watch as a statement piece. Consider the colour of the metal highlights that run through your wood watch, and pair your jewellery accordingly. 

3. Consider the Occasion

Our sustainable watches are incredibly versatile and can be dressed up and down, however that introduces a need to consider your outfits colours in formal occasions! Consider pairing your wooden watches colour with a leather belt or shoes to elevate your look at a more formal event.

4. Play with Colours

Experiment with different colours alongside the natural wood hues. Our sustainable watches come in a variety of colour palettes, from darker earthy tones to more neutral bright hues. This provides scope to pair your watch with both brighter outfits as a contrasting shade such as a Red, or blend with more conservative colour palettes such as Royal Blue.

Keep these in mind when wearing your sustainable watch and you'll effectively incorporate your new wooden accessory into your wardrobe for both everyday and formal use.

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