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What Are Some Best Wood Watches Available Under £100?

Some Best Wood Watches Available Under £70

Dressing up perfectly to steal the show is too mainstream. So why not steal the show with an entirely unique accessory? 

Though accessories are considered add-ons to your overall look, they can be the highlight of your look too. Especially if they are natural, beautiful, and highly attractive. How about a wrist-wearable timepiece made from natural wood, sporting the natural pattern of wood grains and many hues of the recycled woods? 

The Sustainable Watch Company brings you the finest woodwork for your wrist. Not only do these handcrafted timepieces complete your look, but they also contribute to improving the adverse condition of our environment. These exquisite wooden watches are deliberer through carbon-neutral processes and we ensure the neutralization of even the little negative impact they have on our Mother Earth through various carbon extraction initiatives.

We have listed some elegant wooden wristwatches for you that don’t burn a giant hole in your pocket and let you be the highlight of the party. Let’s have a look.

1. The Hickory


The Hickory - Handmade Natural Wood Wristwatch

The retro square dial popular in the 20s-30s has made its comeback to the trend with its classic charisma intact. Made from the rich ravishing reds of the red sandalwood and deep blacks of the ebony wood, The Hickory boasts attractive and contrasting hues. Crafted from recycled high-quality wooden furniture, the versatile vegan timepiece complements all your looks. Get your wrist on this lightweight adornment without burning a hole in your pocket.

2. The Birch

The Birch - Handmade Natural Wood Wristwatch

This circular dial watch is a must-have for your wristwatch collection, The Birch. This beautiful timepiece pleasantly flaunts a circular dial with glistening gold accents on the wrist. Its elegant jubilee-style bracelet made from wood is an example of magnificent intricate handwork. Made from durable maple wood, The Birch is just the right watch to accompany your outfit. The subtle color palette of this timepiece is perfect for your formal parties and smart casual occasions. Come closer to nature in style.

3. The Rowan

The Rowan - Handmade Natural Wood Wristwatch

If sleek and sophisticated are the words you use to describe your style, then The Rowan is the watch you need to match your party looks flawlessly. The versatile circular dial goes perfectly whether dressy or sporty. The eye-catching combination of natural red sandalwood and ebony wood extends an earthy look to your wrist. The wooden oyster link straps, accented with silver links, impeccably enhance the beauty of this splendid work of art.

4. The Willow

The Willow - Handmade Natural Wood Wristwatch

Flex your best look with the modern and unique watch- The Willow. Its angular octagonal dial sets the willow apart from the rest. Made from sturdy green sandalwood and maple wood, The Willow beautifully propounds its symmetrical sophistication in gorgeous green hues. This splash-proof analog watch comes with precise Japanese quartz movement, so you never miss a moment. Gift your loved ones the element of style and grace.

Is One Enough?

That's a wrong question to ask. The right question will be don’t you want more? And the answer of any watch lover to this question would be, of course, yes. 

If your answer is the same, we know a place for you. Visit The Sustainable Watch Company, a place where you will find a range of immaculately handcrafted wooden wearable timepieces. Timepieces that would let you flex your environmentally conscious style confidently.

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