Votch Vegan Watch vs The Sustainable Watch Company Vegan Wooden Watch

What's the difference between a Vegan Watch and Vegan Wood Watch?

Shopping for a new Vegan Watch? It's hard enough figuring our what vegan watch to get... and what even is a vegan watch. But now - Vegan WOOD watches!? Give me a break.

What's the deal with Vegan Watches?

Well, a Vegan Watch is made from materials that do not harm animals in any way. Think faux leather straps, recycled plastics, and cruelty-free dyes. These watches are perfect for the animal lovers out there who are looking for ethical style.

And now, the Vegan Wood Watch!

A Vegan Wood Watch takes things up a notch by incorporating sustainable wood materials into the design. These watches are not only animal-friendly but also eco-friendly. They add a touch of nature to your wrist that you just can't get with a regular old metal watch, vegan or not... consider these true Vegan Watches.

So, which is for you?

If you're all about that vegan lifestyle and want to make a statement with your accessories, any Vegan Watch will support you. Add being a nature lover into that mix, the Vegan Wood Watch might be more your speed. Incorporating your eco-conscious values into your vegan accessory choice. 

You want to be making a stylish choices that align with your values, who says you can't have both?

Shop our full range of Vegan Watches... and Vegan Wood Watches here: https://thesustainablewatchcompany.com/collections/all

Whichever you choose, you can wear it with pride that you are buying Mother Nature some time!

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