The Birch Wood Watch for Ladies

Why us?

Most of us who love the outdoors are aware of our impact on the environment, and the importance of buying sustainably-sourced products that are made to last. Fortunately, with The Sustainable Watch Company, you're in safe hands.

Designed to be kinder to the environment, each watch is hand-crafted from recycled natural wood furniture and discarded railway tracks, using a low energy production technique that reduces the carbon produced during production.

Producing by hand ensures quality, as each piece is expertly assembled. It also makes each and every watch and strap unique. Every unit produced is a one-of-a-kind and showcases the unique grain patterns and colour tones of the piece of wood that it came from. Lightweight, simple and elegant, each watch and strap is designed with everyday use in mind.

What's more, while the Sustainable Watch Company is already carbon negative – removing 68 kilograms of carbon from from the environment for every unit sold – it's working on becoming a heavily climate positive business. This will involve removing significantly more carbon from the environment than the company produces through its operations, helping reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere. So when you're looking for your next timepiece, why not buy Mother Nature some time?

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