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7 Key Features of Our Wooden Watch

Are you ready for the special occasion you’ve been waiting for for weeks?  The outfit you’d wear, your favourite shoes and all the tiny details. But are you sure the look is complete? What about the perfect accessory?  Let us help you with that. A wristwatch is the most versatile accessory that you can sport with any look. Nothing can go wrong with a timeless, exquisite timepiece. And to stand apart from the crowd, make sure your wristwatch has more to offer than it’s beautiful aesthetics. How about a wooden watch?  A wooden watch is a classic trend that has made a formidable comeback to fashion. Besides being a distinctive high-end fashion accessory, it's a part of a sustainable lifestyle...

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Buyer's Guide for Vegan Watches & Wood Watch Straps

What Are Vegan Watches? Vegan is a word derived from Veganism which is the practice of not using products derived from animals for any purpose, be it dietary, fashion, or any other. It promotes avoiding cruelty and exploitation of all animals.  Simply put, watches that are manufactured without using any material derived from animals are called vegan watches. Animal products that are used in making watches can be leather straps made from animal skin, Ivory derived from elephant tusks, pearls extracted from clams, etc. A wooden strap watch is the best vegan alternative to a non-vegan leather strap watch. Not only is it acquitted of animal cruelty, but also it contributes to saving our planet. There are many reasons to...

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