7 Key Features of Our Wooden Watch - The Sustainable Watch Company

7 Key Features of Our Wooden Watch

7 Key Features of Our Wooden Watch - The Sustainable Watch Company

Are you ready for the special occasion you’ve been waiting for for weeks?  The outfit you’d wear, your favourite shoes and all the tiny details. But are you sure the look is complete? What about the perfect accessory? 

Let us help you with that. A wristwatch is the most versatile accessory that you can sport with any look. Nothing can go wrong with a timeless, exquisite timepiece. And to stand apart from the crowd, make sure your wristwatch has more to offer than it’s beautiful aesthetics. How about a wooden watch? 

A wooden watch is a classic trend that has made a formidable comeback to fashion. Besides being a distinctive high-end fashion accessory, it's a part of a sustainable lifestyle that supports the belief-giving back to nature. 

We at The Sustainable Watch Company are grounded in the same belief. Our wooden watches are one of a kind. They are rapidly gaining popularity due to their unique features, and below you’ll find out the features that illustrate our state-of-art collection.

Features That Make Our Wooden Watches Stand Apart From The Rest

1. These Watches Are Eco-friendly

Eco-friendly Wood Watch - The Sustainable Watch Company
  • For our watch, we don’t fell trees to procure wood. We make our wristwatches from natural wood that we acquire from recycled or repurposed natural wood furniture. We strongly support a sustainable lifestyle; hence, we plant a tree for every order we take.    
  • Every component of our wristwatches is completely free from plastic, from the strap and dial to the mechanics used in our watches.

2. They Are Skilfully Handmade

  • We handcraft our high-quality timepieces. 
  • Handcrafting our watches further augments the scope of them being unique in design.
  • The handcrafter dedicates a significant amount of time to designing and contriving each watch with their magnificent artisanal skills. 
  • Our handmade watches are kinder to the environment as we make perpetually conscious efforts to acquire sustainable materials.

3. Purely Vegan

Vegan Wood Watch - The Sustainable Watch Company

  • Recycled wood is the key material used in manufacturing our watches which sets us apart by not taking the life of animals for commercialization.
  • We at The Sustainable Watch Company don’t use animal products at any stage of our watch-making process.
  • We take pride in successfully creating timepieces that are vegan in a true sense rejecting the inclusion of animal products and promoting veganism.

4. They Have Positive Environmental Impact

  • We care about the planet, and our chosen delivery partner helps us offset the carbon of every package we ship to you.
  • We offset 100kg of carbon for every order we receive.
  • 1% of our revenue is donated to Stripe Climate to offset carbon emissions.
  • Handmade products use less resources in production, hence contributing less to carbon emissions.
  • We consciously strive to neutralize our impact by prioritizing our planet, contributing to numerous carbon reduction initiatives in our business operations. 
  • Choosing to carbon offset our shipping of watches is our step towards the objective of being climate positive, having only positive environmental impacts.
  • Apart from taking the extended responsibility of neutralizing carbon footprints, we are a stalwart supporter of planting trees, promoting reforestation.
  • We plant a tree for every order we take. So, we along with our business are steadily moving towards buying Mother Nature some time.

5. A Fashionable Piece That’s Lightweight And Comfortable To Wear

Light Weight and Comfortable Wood Watch - The Sustainable Watch Company

  • Our wooden watches are crafted carefully to be very lightweight. 
  • No pressure on your wrist, nor do they feel heavy. 
  • The wooden strap links are intricately designed to give it better flexibility so that it can flawlessly fit your wrist. 
  • The watch straps have rubber connector tabs that provide an exemplary grip to your wearable tech ensuring your comfort at the same time.

6. Accurate Time Keeping

High-quality movements drive all timekeeping functions of watches and are essential to keeping accurate time. We have three different watch movements in our wooden watches-

  • Mechanic

Mechanical movements are usually chosen for luxury watches due to their extraordinary quality and superior craftsmanship. Our mechanical movement wooden watches are skilfully forged by adroit watchmakers. These movements contain a complex series of small components that work synchronously to power our luxurious timepiece.

  • Quartz

The Quartz movement watches are acclaimed for their outstanding precision. They are powered by batteries and have comparatively less complex parts than a mechanical movement watch. The next best thing is that they require minimal maintenance aside from battery replacements.

  • Seiko

Japanese movements are considered very practical, with more emphasis on precision and a cost-effective build.

7. Attractively Unique Rustic Look

  • Concluding it all, these vegan natural wood watches are adorned with a flawlessly smooth finish. 
  • The rich natural wood color of high-quality wood like ebony, maple, red and green sandalwood, etc., enhances the aesthetics of our vegan watches with a rustic touch. 
  • The classic designs of our wooden watches are thoughtfully crafted to suit different styles and tastes which also makes them perfect for gifting.

At The Sustainable Watch Company, we are soulfully dedicated to promoting a sustainable lifestyle, we have taken steps through our whole production process to move towards carbon negativity, while producing our eco-friendly wristwatches. Come join the movement and help revive our planet.

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