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A Guide to Caring for Your Wooden Watch: Keeping it Looking Good as New

A Guide to Caring for Your Wooden Watch

Watches are worthy investments that can require extra care and attention. How to care for wooden watches is one question that crosses every owner of a wooden wristwatches mind. However, your wooden watch can last for years with proper care and maintenance. 

When to clean, how to clean, and how to handle to keep them looking good as new - let’s dive into everything about wooden watch care & maintenance.

Tips To Keep Your Wooden Watch Looking As Good As New

Tips To Keep Your Wooden Watch Looking As Good As New

1. Do not run a wooden watch under water to clean them

Cleaning is the first step to keeping your wooden watch looking its best and extending its lifespan. All our wooden watches are 3ATM water resistant; your wooden watch may or may not be waterproof. Still, even if it is waterproof, we don’t recommend exposing them to water for an extended period or any running water for that matter. Wood naturally absorbs moisture, and moisture can cause the wood to warp or crack. 

However, not cleaning with water doesn’t mean a little splash of water or tiny drops of rain is going to destroy your wooden watch. You can wash your hands and go about your daily business in the comfort that you are covered from contact with water wearing any of our sustainable wooden watches. You will need to remove them while going for a shower, swimming, or engaging in any other activity that will lead to your wooden watch being submerged in water for a longer period. Read the next tip to learn how to clean wooden watches.

2. Maintaining the natural aesthetics of your wooden watch

Our wooden watches are unique, sustainably-made watches and these distinctive timepieces develop a beautiful aesthetical appearance as they age. You must follow some steps to maintain their natural beauty and aesthetic appearance. Clean them regularly with a soft cloth to remove dirt and dust that build up on the watch's surface. Use only natural wax or natural oil such as coconut or olive oil to protect the wood and maintain its natural shine. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive material, as this can scratch or tarnish the wood.

3. Storing the watch properly

Storing the watch properly

You love wearing your eco-friendly watch made of wood. However, it's important to store it properly when not wearing it to protect it from damage and maintain its natural appearance. If not looked after, wood can be prone to chips or scratches. Thus, you should store your wooden watch properly.

A watch box or case is an excellent option to keep your wooden watch safe and secure. Not only does it protect your watch from damage, but it will also keep it organised and easily accessible. At The Sustainable Watch Company, all our environmentally-friendly watches are delivered in a recyclable packaging box with a recyclable and recycled cardboard storage box. You can use the same box to store your watch for years to come, or we also offer a bamboo watch box to upgrade the storage of your timepiece in style.

4. Protect them from extreme temperatures

Wood Watch

Wood is a natural material that can be affected by changes in temperature and humidity. Whilst all our watches are properly finished and coated, the wood can absorb moisture. On the other hand, exposure to excessive heat could cause the wood to crack. Protecting your wooden watches from extreme temperatures is essential in ensuring optimal performance and prolonging their life-span. 

If exposed to high temperatures, left in direct sunlight for long periods or placed near a heater for some time, your wooden watches’ natural wood could dry out and shrink. Eventually, this could make them susceptible to warps, cracks, or splits. Contrastingly, cold temperatures can cause the wood to contract, possibly becoming more brittle and prone to cracking.

Besides the functional issues, prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures can cause the wood to lose its natural beauty and lustre, affecting the aesthetic appearance of your watch. Storing your wooden watch in a controlled, temperate environment is essential, and ideally, they should have a watch box to call home!

5. The durability of your wooden watch - How to handle them appropriately

Further from the above tips, like all watches, wooden watches require proper handling to prevent damage and maintain performance and functionality. Watches are delicate and can be easily damaged if mishandled. Be gentle with your wooden watch, as any sudden extreme movement or rubbing against hard materials could cause scratching to the watch or similar damage to the watch body. 

Watches are also sensitive to magnetic fields, which will affect their functionality. So keep them away from magnets. Additionally, regular servicing can help prolong the lifespan of your wooden watch. If needed, take it to a professional watch shop or service centre for repairs and servicing.

Wooden Watches - Taking Another Step Closer To Your Sustainable Lifestyle

Whenever you choose a wooden alternative, such as a watch made of wood, you consciously make a more sustainable lifestyle choice. Wooden watches and straps offer a unique, stylish fashion statement while subtly expressing your environmentally conscious ideals. At The Sustainable Watch Company, we aim to be a heavily climate-positive business. All our watches and watch straps are handmade from recycled natural wood furniture, helping to reduce waste and energy through the production process.

Additionally, our handcrafted wooden watches are vegan and cruelty-free. So, let’s make the most of Mother Earth’s primary renewable resource and move closer to a greener future. Because every action counts collectively, no matter how small! We don’t need 8 million people doing sustainability perfectly, we need 10 billion people doing it imperfectly.

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