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What actually is Sustainability?

Sustainability is a word that is thrown about a lot. According to the Cambridge Dictionary sustainability is the principle of causing little or no damage to the environment, enabling long-term continuation... how fancy. But what actually is sustainability?

lity & environmentally friendly lifestyle picture showing a white sustainability graphic in the foreground and a persons hands cupping some soil with a leafy young green plant growing from the soil.

Sustainability can extend further than the protection of our planet. There are 3 pillars to sustainability, Environment, Economy & Society.


Undoubtedly the element of sustainability most commonly associated with the word. Environmental sustainability focuses on maintaining the balance of ecological systems and ensuring that the natural resources within these systems are consumed by humans at a rate where they are able to replenish themselves.


In many ways, a forgotten element of sustainability. Economic sustainability refers to human communities maintaining independence and having access to the resources required to meet their needs and secure sources of livelihood.


Finally social sustainability, universal human rights and basic necessities are attainable by all people. Similar to economic sustainability social sustainability also involves ensuring access to enough resources to keep communities healthy and secure. Healthy communities have leaders with integrity who ensure personal, labour and cultural rights are respected and people are protected from discrimination.

At The Sustainable Watch Company, we help you support a sustainable lifestyle by providing a watch that champions environmental sustainability. All our watches are hand made from natural woods, designed to be kinder to the environment.

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