Business insights: Our story - The Sustainable Watch Company

Business insights: Our story

Okay, so let's start with what we do... Designed to be kinder to the environment, all our watches are handmade from recycled natural wood furniture and are vegan. We maximise our use of sustainable materials, offset double the carbon generated by shipping for every order we ship, use eco-friendly packaging and support reforestation. Why not buy Mother Nature some time?

And now, why we do it... The Sustainable Watch Company was born from a desire to help contribute to saving our planet. Through supporting people's environmentally friendly lifestyles, by offering quality, sustainable alternatives to everyday accessories. Whilst we are only small, we have big dreams which ultimately will see us becoming a B-Corp. We want to be a heavily climate positive business. This will see us removing a significant amount more carbon from the environment that we produce through our operations, helping to save planet earth!

Whilst we can't do it alone, we hope to be able to play our part and continue to build our sustainability pledge as we expand our operations, with a focus on environmental impact and not solely profit.

The Sustainable Watch Company founder Richard Cawkill shown next to The Sustainable Watch Company logo with a mountain range background

So, where did we come from and how did we end up on this journey? Our founder, Richard Cawkill has always had a keen interest in entrepreneurship, and from this wanted to do something that makes a difference to the world we live in and run an enterprise that takes responsibility for its operations, rather than solely taking from consumers. From this a desire to run a sustainable business was born.

So how did we end up at natural wood watches, made from recycled furniture? Whilst on a journey of exploration around which sustainable substitutes may best align with Rich's goals of having Carbon Negative operations and achieving B-Corp status, it became apparent a lot of these were low cost, high volume commercial opportunities. For example, bamboo straws & bamboo cutlery. Whilst these are great substitutes and definitely contribute positively to the environment, they wouldn't generate enough cash to allow Rich's new enterprise to achieve it's goals and they also sit in a highly saturated market. Coming to a dead end, the search broadened to wooden furniture and larger ticket items which provided more cash to invest in giving back to Planet Earth. Eventually Rich discovered a competitors wooden watch online. After doing more research it became apparent that this was the right product to bring the vision alive and The Sustainable Watch Company was born!
When looking at competition in the market, The Sustainable Watch Company set out on a mission to beat competitors on one main front, what they give back. We strive to be a business that places impact over profit and will continue to invest substantially in our sustainability pledge, giving as much back to the planet as we can afford to do. Richard is a firm believer that if you build a brand which genuinely care, and a business that conducts itself properly, success will follow.
The Sustainable Watch Company has seen well over 100% year on year growth and this is a testament to these beliefs. The revenue generated so far in The Sustainable Watch Companies journey has been entirely re-invested in the brand and the brands sustainability goals.
So, what next? Whilst every business is facing difficulty operating in the current global economic conditions, as the business grows so will its positive impact on the environment. We are currently looking at partners to carbon offset for every purchase alongside planting trees for every order. Whilst planting trees for every purchase has a great impact on the environment, carbon offsetting for every purchase will have a more immediate impact on reduction of emissions. Once The Sustainable Watch Company turns profits, these profits will not sit as cash. All profits are invested into other sustainable businesses. Maximising the amount of climate positivity that The Sustainable Watch Company can achieve. Renewable energy and responsible recycling are examples of the eco-friendly sectors that The Sustainable Watch Company will look to support with it's profits.

We are always keen to hear feedback and get your thoughts on our mission. We love to hear where we can improve and how we can better contribute to our goals. If you have any suggestions, anything you want to share, or even just want to say hi, please get in touch via

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