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Quantifying Our Carbon

So, let's cut to the chase. Assessing your Carbon Emissions is EXTREMELY expensive, it can cost literally thousands of pounds.

As a small business, we simply don't have the cash to do this analysis at this time (trust me, we want to!). So, how are we getting around this?

Well, we’ve done the best we can with a tool called Variable for free and the results of this analysis came out at 1.82kg of carbon emissions generated for every unit we sell when looking at the materials, labour and freight to our fulfilment centre.

However, let's be honest, there are likely to be some inaccuracies in this and a gap in that result, and our true per unit emissions. So to combat that we are going to assume that our emissions are more.

So, how much more? How do we get around this?

We are multiplying that figure by 100 and assuming that every unit generates 182kg of carbon. Now, this is heavily inflated, a return passenger flight from London to Rome generates 234kg of carbon per passenger. But we want to be sure that we are doing MORE than we have to, to make our business Carbon Negative.

So, let's look at the numbers here. We are assuming that every one of our products generates 182kg of carbon, for every unit we sell we offset 250kg of carbon at purchase and 197kg of carbon to offset any shipping emissions. That is a total of 447kg of carbon offset every order.

Now, the 197kg for shipping emissions can't be included in the following calculation, as this is entirely going towards ensuring our shipping is carbon neutral. 

However, 250kg - 182kg = 68kg... Based on these figures, we are removing 68kg of carbon from from the environment for every unit we sell.

And on top of that, we also plant 10 trees and donate 1% of the purchase to charity.

Pretty good, right?

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