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Sustainability pledge update: Summer 2022

We are always working on ways to develop our sustainability pledge and continue building a business with a focus on positive environmental impact.

We have been developing many initiatives and brainstorming plenty of ideas of how we can improve our operations to benefit the planet. Here are the ones that we have implemented so far...

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100kg of Carbon for Every Order
We have been working hard to set this up, and this one we are pretty proud of!

Not only do we plant trees for every order, but now we offset 100kg of Carbon for every order we receive.

This kind of initiative has a more immediate impact on the planet, and will help provide both a long and short term scope to our sustainability pledge.

To try and put this in perspective, for every order, we will now offset the same amount of Carbon generated by 248 miles of driving in a passenger vehicle... and still plant a tree. Pretty good right?
Our Shipping
We now offset twice the Carbon generated through shipping, for every order we ship, achieved through 2 strategic partnerships.

As our shipping volumes increase, so should our effort to keep emissions low! We have always offered Carbon Neutral shipping, but why not use our growth in orders to generate positive impact for the planet, rather than simply neutralising our emissions. 

So, we have! This development sees us doubling the amount of Carbon we pull our of the atmosphere from our shipping operations. This means every time you order from us, you help contribute positively to the planet, from something that would have traditionally had a negative impact.
Climate Positive Workforce
We now operate a Climate Positive workforce.

To put this simply, this means that we offset all the Carbon generated by our staff in their day to day lives and more!

This is a move to support our goal of
 removing significantly more carbon from the environment than we produce through our operations.
Handmade from recycled natural wood furniture and coupled our overarching sustainability initiatives, our watches provide a more sustainable alternative to most everyday, affordable watches. You can shop our full range of handmade natural wood wristwatches here, and learn more about our sustainability pledge in the product descriptions.
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