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Are we Sustainability Shaming?

There are different factors that contribute to a person's sustainability, and it is often portrayed as being all or nothing... but it isn't.

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Different levels of sustainability are achievable for different people in different situations and this should be accepted and embraced. When it comes to being environmentally conscious and living a sustainable lifestyle, every positive choice should be celebrated.

A sustainable lifestyle doesn't have to be going vegan and solely riding a bike as your only form of transport. Of course, this is a lifestyle choice to be proud of and should be commended. However, there can be a stigma around doing sustainability the "right way". So where does a sustainable lifestyle start and stop?

We think the answer is that it doesn't. Sustainability should be encouraged in all forms and people need to be able to put their own spin on their sustainability habits to make an eco friendly lifestyle work for them long-term.

If someone recycles every day but continues to eat meat, is this sustainable? Well as long as they aren't over consuming then yes, of course it is. The fact they are recycling should be celebrated as a positive step towards sustainability, rather than a person's unsustainable habits being shamed.

Any move towards environmentally conscious living should be celebrated. It's time to stop sustainability shaming and start celebrating society changing. Support those dipping their toes in and continue to build our community one step at a time!

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Great message and approach. If we all take that first step then we can all help this worthwhile cause.

janice cawkill

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