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What is a Vegan watch?

And nope, it's nothing to do with an edible watch.

Veganism is a lifestyle choice that spans much further than just diet. When championing a cruelty-free lifestyle, avoiding the use of animal products has a variety of considerations.

Cosmetics and clothing are another two key pillars of daily life that require more thought as part of a vegan lifestyle. 

Fresh fruit and vegetables on a plate. Delicious looking vegan or vegetarian meal.

However, with these alternative challenges, the market creates alternative solutions. Whether it's vegan leather Doc Martens, organic cottons and of course, Vegan watches.

The need for a Vegan watch is largely framed around avoiding watches with animal leather straps, and substituting this for a vegan leather, whilst still enjoying the similar aesthetics. It's the Quorn of the clothing industry.

But why re-invent the wheel?

All our watches are Vegan and cruelty free. We don't use animal product alternatives, as there has never been any animal products involved in the design or production of our watches! The Sustainable Watch Company champion true Vegan watches, rejecting the inclusion of animal products at all stages of design and manufacture of our watches.

We use as much sustainable material as possible. No animal leather, no vegan leather, just natural wood. A True Vegan Watch,
 handmade from natural woods.

You can check out our full range of sustainable, vegan, natural wood wristwatches here.

We hope you love them as much as we do and we can help support your sustainable lifestyle!

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