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The Sustainable Watch Company: Our Story

The Sustainable Watch Company was born from a desire to help save our planet. Through supporting people's environmentally friendly lifestyle, by offering quality, sustainable versions of products that have perhaps been more focused on luxury than sustainability in the past.

The Sustainable Watch Company's recyclable and sustainable packaging, made from brown cardboard with a faded dark brown logo in the centre.

So how did we end up creating sustainable natural wood watches? Well, we designed bamboo lamps and bath trays, explored bamboo cutlery and straws. But saw that these had a lot of coverage from businesses far bigger than our little venture!

We decided to brainstorm items that people use daily and explore ways that we could make them more sustainable. Finally, we arrived at watches. Why couldn't we make a watch out of bamboo? ...So we did, and our first model, "The Pine" was born.

From here we went on to design and launch as many models as we could afford, ensuring we used as much sustainable material as possible. We have made an effort to avoid less sustainable materials where possible, such as metal links in watch bands. This has allowed us to create watches crafted from as much natural wood as possible and truly embody what we want to achieve as a brand.

We don't think watches need to be shiny and expensive to be beautiful. The warm, natural colours of the woods in our watches become a complementary feature for a range of styles and each watch has a unique wood grain pattern. It is also what our watches stand for that makes each piece more beautiful.

And now, here we are! With 5 models of sustainable natural wood watch, that we hope you love as much as we do.

Whilst we love that our watches help promote the use of sustainable materials in new and exciting ways, we wanted to add something more to our business. Our profits are invested into other sustainable businesses to help contribute to saving the planet and reducing the effects of global warming. Not to big ourselves up anymore, but our packaging is also simple and recyclable... good right?

We are always keen to hear feedback and get your thoughts on our mission and where we could improve. If you have anything you want to share, or even just want to say hi, please get in touch via

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