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The Sustainable Watch Company: Who are we?

The Sustainable Watch Company is born from a desire to save our planet. Whilst we are only small, we have big dreams!

Designed to be kinder to the environment, we choose to hand craft our watches from recycled natural wood furniture and discarded railway tracks. This is a low energy production technique and reduces the amount of carbon produced during production. We plant 10 trees and offset 250kg of carbon for every order, alongside rescuing 20 plastic bottles from our Oceans and donating 1% of your order to charity. Our packaging is eco-friendly and we operate carbon neutral shipping.

Producing by hand ensures quality, each piece being expertly assembled. Aside from this, being handmade adds uniqueness to every watch and strap. Every unit we produce is one of a kind and showcases the unique grain patterns and colour tones of the piece of wood that it came from; no two watches or straps are the same.

Each watch and strap is vegan and  you will own a one of a kind timepiece. The simple yet elegant designs can be dressed up or down; the natural colours and patterns of the wood become a complementary feature for a range of styles. Designed with everyday use in mind, watches are lightweight with a smooth finish

We aim to be a heavily climate positive business. This will see us removing significantly more carbon from the environment than we produce through our operations. Helping reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere.

Currently, we are already carbon negative, removing 68kg of carbon from from the environment for every unit we sell. We calculated 1.82kg of carbon emissions generated for every unit considering materials, labour and freight to our fulfilment centre.

We multiply that figure by 100 to account for any inaccuracies and assuming that every unit generates 182kg of carbon. This is heavily inflated, a return passenger flight from London to Rome generates 234kg of carbon per passenger. But we want to be sure that we are doing more than we have to, to make our business Carbon Negative.

Assuming that every one of our products generates 182kg of carbon, for every unit we sell we offset 250kg of carbon.

Our pledge to you is to forever play our part in slowing climate change, building a business with a focus on environmental impact and not solely profit. Why not buy Mother Nature some time?
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