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As you know, we don’t fell any trees for our watches, they’re made from recycled natural wood furniture. But which types of wood do we use and why do we use them? Let’s take a little detour into botany, shall we?  Zebrawood Don’t you worry, no Zebras harmed! Commonly found in the tropical rainforests of West Africa, some traditional uses for this wood are tool handles, furniture, boatbuilding and skis. Known for it’s unique stripe-pattern, the name “Zebrawood'' should be no surprise. Zebrawood’s strong texture provides great reliability and durability for all kinds of uses. So why not for a watch? Our thoughts exactly, checkout one of our zebrawood watches, The Yew. Red and Green Sandalwood We use two different types...

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Business insights: Addressing Carbon Emissions

We all know about Carbon Emissions, we’ve heard it on the news, seen it on social media… but how does a business like ours address these emissions? One of our goals at The Sustainable Watch Company is to have Carbon negative operations. This means that through fulfilling our day to day business activities, rather than adding carbon to the atmosphere, we are taking carbon out of the atmosphere, helping reduce the pollution of our beautiful planet earth. Pretty cool right? To achieve this, there are 3 scopes of carbon emissions a business, including our own, has to consider. Scope 1: Direct emissions from owned or controlled sources These are the easiest carbon emissions to identify, and the most straight forward to address. A businesses...

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What is Wish-Cycling?

Whilst wish-cycling might be a well-intentioned habit in an increasingly confusing world of recycling, it often does more harm than good and has consequences that impact global recycling as a whole.

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