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The Eco-Friendly Trend: Why Wood Watches are the Next Big Thing

Eco friendly trend for a clean and green future

What is an Eco-friendly Trend?

The eco-friendly trend is the consumer shift from a less environmentally conscious choice to a more environmentally friendly conscious one on a daily basis. 

Climate change has instigated consumers around the world to move towards more environmentally friendly choices; this is called eco-friendly consumerism. An increase in education and people's general understanding of climate change has helped these decisions gain pace and eco-friendly consumerism to become more popular. An eco-friendly lifestyle reflects the interests and concerns of people for the environment and helps consumers communicate their morals to their peers. 

The 2019 global consumer insights survey from Strategy Business shows that 35% of respondents chose sustainable products to help protect the environment, 37% looked for products with environmentally friendly packaging, and 41% avoided the use of plastic when they could. These numbers will have only increased over the last 4 years.

Eco-friendly Trend in Fashion

Environmentally Friendly

Quoting Statista Digital Outlook, ecommerceDB states, “fashion is the largest segment in the United Kingdom. Over the last year, the revenue of the fashion market has grown by 10%.”.

This rapid growth of the industry has led to the usage of resources growing at the same pace. This excess usage, coupled with climate change accelerating and the rise in carbon emissions, has resulted in exacerbating the negative impacts on the environment due to the robust growth of the fashion industry. 

With the shift of public interest towards protecting the environment and climate, consumers of the fashion industry increasingly express their outlook by choosing eco-friendly, sustainable fashion. 

A research report titled How Brands Can Embrace the Sustainable Fashion Opportunity shows that while 15% of fashion consumers are already concerned about sustainability, there is an upsurge in this figure – going as high as 50%.”

The rapid rise stipulates the inclination of consumers towards eco-friendly products that ultimately support a sustainable lifestyle. This change in consumer behaviour within the fashion industry is not just limited to clothing but has transgressed to each and every branch of fashion, including the watch industry.

Eco-Friendly Watch: Wood Watch

Small changes are capable of making big impacts. Though watches may be considered a small segment of fashion, the watch industry has a significant market across the globe. Seen as a symbol of stature and style, wristwatches are a timeless fashion statement that is impossible to replace completely.


And with the robust popularity of eco-friendly consumerism or eco-friendly trends, the watch industry has conjoined this trend. With the environmentally friendly design, the industry launched the wooden watch. A watch made from natural wood. 

Wooden watches are integrating eco-friendly fashion into consumers' everyday lives. Our watches are made from recycled natural wood, easing the burden of waste generation on the planet. We also handcraft our watches, generating the least amount of carbon during production. A wood watch is kinder to the environment, and wooden wristwatches steer clear of animal cruelty and plastic, a perfect example of eco-friendly and vegan fashion.


At The Sustainable Watch Company, we have the desire to help consumers contribute to saving our planet through offering our range of handmade recycled wooden wristwatches- a sustainable alternative to your current everyday accessories. We use high-quality recycled wood acquired from natural wood furniture scraps. Our wood watches are unique in design, as each one is handmade and features the natural grain patterns and colour hues of the wood. Handmaking our watches and watch straps ensures the consumption of less energy.  Despite being handmade, our wood watches are affordable. They aren’t just kinder to the environment but also your wallet! Every order from us includes 250kg of carbon offset and 10 trees planted in your name to support reforestation, we also give you 1% of your purchase back to donate to a charity of your choice! 

To keep up with market trends and consumer preferences, The Sustainable Watch Company offers wooden Apple Watch straps for men and women as the perfect enhancement to your smartwatch. These recycled natural wood watch straps showcase a touch of nature while allowing you to keep up with wearable technology.


Considering the awakening of consumers around the globe due to the current levels of global warming and an increase in education around environmental issues, the eco-friendly trend is here to stay. And why shouldn’t it be? 

It's time that collectively, as consumers, we take steps in solidarity to protect our planet and support the restoration of our environment. Moving towards leading a sustainable lifestyle and making mindful choices, no matter big or small, is a great first step. Small changes add up to big results when looking at collective action, so why not buy Mother Nature some time?

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