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Our Why

Our Goal

The Sustainable Watch Company is born from a desire to save our planet. Whilst we are only small, we have big dreams!

We aim to be a heavily climate positive business. This will see us removing significantly more carbon from the environment than we produce through our operations. Helping reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere.

Whilst we can't do it alone, we definitely can't do it without you, so thank you for shopping small!

Our pledge to you is to forever play our part in slowing climate change, building a business with a focus on environmental impact and not solely profit.

Image depicting the disintegration of a young plant and soil, signifying the destruction of planet earth

Our How

One tree planted charity working in a forest to re-plant trees for a reforestation program on behalf of The Sustainable Watch Company offering 1 tree planted for every order

10 Trees Planted With Every Order

We care deeply about our planet, and creating a business that gives back.

Trees clean our air & water, create habitats for biodiversity, contribute to our health & wellbeing and create jobs for social impact. We’re proud to support reforestation through our partnership with Ecologi, planting 10 trees with every order.

And to support our efforts on land, we are also removing 20 plastic bottles from the ocean with every order.

Offsetting Our Carbon

To contribute to our goal, for every order we receive we offset 250kg of Carbon through our partnership with Ecologi. Equivalent to 620 miles of driving in an average passenger vehicle!

Alongside this we donate 1% of our revenue through Stripe to carbon removal via Stripe Climate.

Finally, we operate a Climate Positive workforce. This sees us offsetting more carbon per head than is generated by our workforce.

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Wind farm with multiple Wind Turbines set across a hillside
A container ship travels across a bright blue, placid ocean towards the horizon

Our Shipping

We care about the planet at The Sustainable Watch Company. Which is why every order we ship is carbon neutral and delivered in eco-friendly packaging. We contribute to schemes accredited by the Gold Standard, the highest verification of carbon offsetting.

The Willow handmade Sustainable Natural Wood Vegan Women's Wristwatch made from recycled natural wood furniture by The Sustainable Watch CompanyThe Redwood sustainable natural wood watch by the sustainable watch company. Handmade from natural recycled woods, set on a log for display
Icon of a natural wood table and chair

Recycled Natural Wood Furniture

All our watches and watch straps are handmade from recycled natural wood furniture and discarded railway tracks, helping to reduce waste.

Icon of a hand holding a box representing handmade goods


Our watches and straps are all handmade. Handmade goods require less energy and natural resources, which result in significantly lower carbon footprints than items made on mass-production assembly lines.

Icon of a leaf representing veganism


Our products contain no animal products and are a great alternative to leather straps.

Icon representing recycling

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

All our packaging both product packaging and postal packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable.

Icon of a log representing sustainable materials

Maximum Use Of Sustainable Materials

Our choice to craft our watches out of recycled natural woods, allows us to maximise our use of renewable resources.

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